Ask xxx-neon-syr!nge-xxx

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got a personal blog?

[[QUICK OOC NOTE: Actually, seeing this ask reminded me to make one! It’s a bit bare at the moment though, since I only made it a couple of hours ago.

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show boobs or gtfo

u nvr sed they had 2 b my boobs ;)))

I'm hiding in a dumpster right now.

OMGGGG are you a ruhcoon???
ruhcoons r soooo scene!!! x

Didn't I tell you not to go online, Didn't I?

you did
you diiiid 

ERM fuk u dad dis is who i am u cnt tell me wt to do!!!
u just made me cry loads omg look at my tearz i even made dis black n white to show u how sad i am im such a goff :(

wt do u mean they look fake omgggg ur such a h8r
im gonna tell the whole internet how mean u r :((( 

What are your opinions on the unlicensed sale of Zydrate?

on wat

i mean urm OH THAT
yh its a rly controversial issue i no loads about it

see heres a piccy of me looking inqestive n wearin REAL glasses im a fukin PROFESHNIL 

dont u listen to dem h8rz!!!! ur gawjus jus da way u r!!! xoxoxoxoxo

omgg thankss u r so awesome u must be sceen have some luvvv xoxoxoxox

getting rdy 2 answer questionsss xoxox

also i stabed miself in the eye w/ mi eyeliner n im crying black
so hxc 

>Scroll down dash >See Lily Marks >Jaw drops >Shatter jaw on desk >Black out >Go to A&E >Meet Lily Marks >Awkward coincidences 2012

[[OOC: >Recognize new followers and wonder HOW
>Laughcry until light-headed
>Pass out and near-drown in my own laughtears
>Get rushed to A&E
>See one of said new followers in A&E
>Awkward coincidences 2012 
>Realise this ask might not even be from who I think it is
>Super awkward coincidences 2012
>Realise I made this blog in hopes that people laugh at how much of a twat I look like anyway

omg guys

so i just had this rly weird dream
where i was in some dumb musical thing
n i WASN’T SCENE!!!1!!!
n graverobber was there & we were like ttly goin out && i met blind mag except she was DED halfway thru!
and amber swet’s face fell off which was cool XDDD
but mi dad was actually poisioning me with that stupid medicine nd i was like “omg?” but then he got shot by a fat man
and then we sung together n mi voice was so butiful evry1 cried then i was orphin which was pretty hxc & then i woke up

but still I WASN’T SCENE OMG
i need to stop drinking monsterr b4 I sleep but then ill be less scene :(

Lol, you're such a fail whale.

why is evry1 being mean to me suddenly FFS is dis amber swet how did u find mi blog?!?!?! gtfo preppy prep!!!!1!!!

also whale
y wuld u think that

 ur words make me feel feelings
i am crying into a sea of mi own blood

omg looolllll dis blog so funny you emo cunt scene is SO NOT IN

omg i cnt bleve u would say dat UR PROBLY A PREP!!!

scene is so in hav u nt seen blind mag shes my fav musician 
shes a bit goff too tho

So, what do you make of that GraveRobber fellow?

do u mean this guy?
OMG look at him hes so sxy!!!!
i wanna have his drug babbys


WELL controry (or wateva dat word iz) 2 wat the h8rzz say
my coontailz r ACTULLY REAL!!!
i dyed da bluee one using zydrate if that’s any help x 

gurl, show me your sexy face

WATCH and LEARN h8rz!!!!!!!!!!!
makes da scene boyz com erry time